Monday, July 1, 2013

The 'Burbs

we showed The 'Burbs for my backyard movie night this year - I wasn't sure how many people were familiar with the movie, but we had a good turnout of fans as well as some first-timers.  such a good movie!!
every year I think "maybe this will be the last one" so I can get that giant 8' x 16' screen out of my backyard, but everyone has such a good time and I'm always glad we did a movie night that after it's over I say "okay.. we can leave the screen up and do another one in the fall..." and then after that one it's like "well.. we're not that far from June so lets keep it up a little longer."   I guess until the HOA complains, it might just stay up until it falls apart or brings the fence down!
Matt made his famous corn dogs like he always does - they just keep getting better and better!
I made "something for the ole sweet tooth" but I decided against dropping them on the ground.
I had to have sardines and pretzels, so I made my own chocolate mold from Alumilite mold putty and Swedish fish.
I made some juice drinks to put in containers Matt and the boys got me for Mother's Day - I just love them :)  and I made some tags to write on with dry erase markers so everyone knew what they were.
it was a great birthday celebration :)  thinking about going with Arachnophobia next time...  but we'll see. 


Elizabeth Falcon said...

OMG! This is awesome! How do you do it? Sound/speakers/display, etc? I would love to do this!

Chris Savage said...

I love movie night at your house - I think Archniphobia is an excellant choice for the fall!

candice said...

Elizabeth - we used the PS3 connected to a projector that a friend let us have, they also gave us some surround sound speakers that had just been sitting on a shelf for forever, but after 'Star Wars' we sorta blew them out and they buzz if there's a lot of action going on or people get too loud in the movie, so we're looking for new ones. the screen is just 4 4x8's screwed to a frame, and attached to our fence. Matt puts a fresh coat of white paint on it before we show a movie. if we didn't plan on doing this twice a year I think I'd just use some place that rents out this kinda stuff, which I think runs about $300.

mom - I think it will have to be in the fall, because I really wanna do Apollo 13 for my next birthday and then I'll have done all the ones I really wanted to do. all the ones anyone would come to see, anyway! I would like to show 'The Incredible Shrinking Man' but it feels a little long... possibly boring :\ I'll have to watch it on my own again and see how I feel.

Elizabeth said...

That is so neat! What a fun way to get friends and family together. You are always so full of ideas. :)