Monday, July 8, 2013

the weekend

we took the boys to Holly Lake Ranch over the weekend for some time away.
the drive wasn't bad - the boys slept for the first part and did well the rest of the way.
we planned to stop at a place called Leo's Chicken for a bite in Emory, but they were closed!  we ended up eating at a BBQ place instead, then did a little geocaching along the way.
at the resort, Leo loved swimming, the activity center, the playground, and pushing Jack in the stroller.
Jack ate his first pancake - not sure how much actually made it in his tummy but he had fun munching on it and getting it everywhere.
we came back sooner than we planned because the boys just didn't adjust well at night being away from home.  when one wasn't crying the other started up, so we were pretty tired and left a day early.
that was alright because I like having my last day of vacation at home to get back to normal, anyway.  we spent the day geocaching at some parks near the house until Leo had a meltdown and we came home for a nap.
Matt and I get some alone time in a couple of weekends so maybe we'll get some rest then! ;)

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Chris Savage said...

Looks like you had a good trip - the boys are soooo cute and all smiles!!