Thursday, July 25, 2013

drawstring pouch

earlier in the year we spent a lot of time watching TV when Matt came home at night and on the weekends.  we thought we should cut back and not watch TV during the week, so we've been playing cards and dominoes or working the occasional puzzle in the evening after the kids go to bed.  I looked online to see what new games I could find and I came across rules for a simple domino game called Matador.  it's played with double sixes and it's pretty easy.  I think the boys will like playing this one when they're older.
inspired by a little pouch a friend gave me a long time ago, I crocheted a little drawstring pouch to hold the mini dominoes, then made another to give away.

I used a size 3.25mm hook and embroidery floss.
round 1: 12 SC into a magic loop, pull tight (do not sl st to join the round - this is worked in a continuous spiral)
round 2: 1 inc. (2 SC into 1 st) in each st around (24 sts)
round 3: 2 SC, 1 inc. repeat around (32 sts)
round 4: 3 SC, 1 inc. repeat around (40 sts)
round 5-30: 1 SC into each st around (40 sts), sl st to last st to even out the top of the round, and weave in the ends.  use crocheted or braided embroidery floss for the drawstring.

fold the pouch flat,
start on one side and weave between the stitches until you reach the side you started on.
repeat for the opposite side
and tie the ends in knots so they don't come out.
I wasn't sold on crocheting in a spiral because the uneven break in the stripe kinda bugged me on the ombre-ish bag and I tried to hide the color change step on the side, but the black and white stripes made it look cool, so I positioned it for the front (or back) of the bag.

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Chris Savage said...

Love it! Thanks for making me one!